• Room Only
  • Room and Meal
  • Fishing
  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Kite Boarding
  • Private Island Picnic

Note: All packages excluding transfer
         All our Guest Houses are fully Insured


Room Only Package
 Group of 6 people

Package Include:
 5 Day 4 Night at Nadhuwa Stay

 Single USD $40
 Double USD$60
 Triple USD $90


Room and Meal Package
Group of 6 people

Package include:
5 Days 4 nights at Nadhuwa Stay
1 Day picnic at Uninhabited Island
Night Fishing
Cultural Music Night
Unlimited use of snorkeling gear
All rates in Half Board basis
All taxes included

Single: USD $ 60
Double: USD $ 100 
Triple: USD $ 110 





Fishing Package
Maldives is a fisherman’s paradise no matter what kind of fishing you like, big game fishing for Marlin or Swordfish, spear fishing to fly fishing; you will find it here in Maldives.
And our experienced boat captains can provide you with any type of fishing you desire. Everything is ready for you to experience world class traditional type poling-rod fishing on the Seas of Maldives. The best fishing season is from August to March.

Fishing Packages include:
6 Days 5 nights at Nadhuwa Stay
Breakfast and lunch daily
3 days of fishing includes boat, captain/guide and fishing equipment

Double: USD $ 1450
Triple: USD $ 1275



Windsurfing Package
We offer a hassle free windsurf vacation at our Nadhuwa stay. SH. Farukolhu Funadhoo island lagoon is warm, the sun is hot and all the gear you could ever need is rigged and ready to go just steps from the water.
Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face, SH. Farukolhu Funadhoo Lagoon is famous for consistent winds that blow during our two Monsoons (West & East). Thermal winds blow almost every day and combined with Northerly fronts called el Norte’s that blow in cycles of 5 days on and 3 days off with an average sail size 4.7 to 5 .7. Large swells begin to form during the el Norte’s and offer lots of ramps for jumping extra.

Windsurfing package includes:
6 Days 5 nights at Nadhuwa Stay
Breakfast and Lunch daily
Unlimited use of all windsurfing equipment
Unlimited use of sports equipment:
(mountain bikes, sea kayaks, canoeing, and snorkeling gear)

Double: USD $1950

You will find equipment from top companies such as NORTHWAVE SAILS, NORTH SAILS, OPEN OCEAN custom boards, MISTRAL and F2 production boards, and NOLIMTZ Masts. Sail sizes from 3.2 to 6.7. Board sizes from 80 liters to 140 liters. We also have some big boards for beginners and to use on low wind days.



Scuba Diving Package
Goby Dive Center is located at ADH. Mahibadhoo on the south end of Ari Atoll (ARI- ZONE) There are many dive sites to explore and discover with a short boat trip across the Zone. One of the most famous dive sites in the country, Ari Atoll dive sites will find clear, warm waters, groupers, parrot fish, rays, giant mantas, whale sharks, and much more.

Scuba Diving Packages include:
5 Days 4 Nights at Goby Lodge
Breakfast and lunch
3 days of boat dives 2 dives per day with weights
2 tanks and dive master
And all government taxes

Single Half Board: USD $906
Single Full Board: USD $976
Double Half Board: USD $1406
Double Full Board: USD $1465
Triple Half Board: USD $2011
Triple Full Board: USD $2179

Diving Equipment:
Goby Dive Center has a fully stocked rental shop on site and can provide you with all the latest dive equipment


Kite Boarding Package
Sail, Sun and Sand on the Sea of Maldives
Kite boarding, Windsurfing and Sports Packages are the focus of the windy months at Nadhuwa Stay, SH. Farukolhu Funadhoo Island.
SH. Farukolhu Funadhoo Island is famous for consistent winds that blow during the Monsoon months June to August. The seasonal thermal winds allowing for kite boarding and windsurfing almost every day. Bring your own gear and use our beach storage facility or ride on our brand new high quality equipment. Come and sail with the sun on your back, the wind in your sail and warm turquoise waters beneath your feet!
For those souls not addicted to wind, Nadhuwa Stay has a fabulous sports package for exploration on land or water. Discover the island beach riding top-of-the-line mountain bikes, paddle around the island. View hundreds of rainbow colored fish that swim and swirl under the water right off the beach with our snorkeling gear.
Delicious breakfasts and lunches are included in your vacation package and are served in our open-air back yard garden at Nadhuwa Stay. Reservations can be made for a relaxing dinner in our restaurant or you can visit one of the local island restaurants or resorts in the area.

Kite boarding Package and Information:
Kite boarding is exploding in SH. Farukolhu Funadhoo! Why? Because of the steady side shore winds, the smooth swells, the long sandy un-crowded beaches to launch and land. Bring your kites or use ours – we have everything you need plus kite storage right on the beach.

Kite Boarding package include:
6 Days 5 nights at Nadhuwa Stay
Breakfast and lunch daily
Unlimited use of all kite equipment
Unlimited use of sports equipment:
(mountain bikes, sea kayak, and snorkeling gear)
All taxes included

Single: USD $1100
Double: USD $2100
Triple: USD $2940

*Need Instruction? Nadhuwa Stay offers kite lessons for every level from first timer to expert. Contact our kite instructor to set up lessons during your stay.


Private Island Picnics

What are Picnic islands?
These are small uninhabited islands that have equal natural beauty and setup as any other resort, but without the entire infrastructure a resort has. This means, in one way picnic islands are more natural than resorts and has more privacy and gives thus a real Robinson Cruise feel! However, picnic islands have all the required facilities such as toilets, rooms, eating and dining facilities.
Why go to a picnic island?
If you are on a resort and would like to get away for a day and have an island just for yourself or for your family or for you and your spouse / partner, or just you and your friends, this is the best option. You can enjoy the whole day / week with the confines of an island just for your own use. What this actually means is that you have a private island for yourself. We at Veressi Travel feel that this would be a unique and an unforgettable experience.

Come and join us
A musical afternoon of fun to put you in the mood for dancing. Having a ground (3.25 km x 0.38km) the music is for listening and yes, for dancing. Bring your own picnic lunch, rug, drinks and friends. You may even like to get dressed-up for a bit of fun and there is also a raffle, so you might also be the lucky winner to take the Kite Shield Voucher, This vouchers gives the winner honorary discount of 50% on 7 days Nadhuwa Stay for your next visit, or used by your friend. All are welcome to come and join us for our picnics at Nadhuwa Stay.
The Maldives Uninhabited Island Picnics is available for our holiday visitors. For those coming to Sh. Farukolhu Island, Distance from Funadhoo Island is 5.88 km. And just ten minutes by boat. For a breath taking and an awesome holiday, We welcome you to Nadhuwa Stay.

Private Island Picnic for Two
A private picnic on an uninhabited island in Maldives… it doesn’t get more romantic and memorable than this!
Throw in your own private and exclusive water transport, a whole island to explore and you have Maldives’s youngest and most memorable naked island experience.

Private Island Picnic package include:
2 nights at Nadhuwa Stay
Cultural Music Night
3 nights at Farukolhu Island
Continental breakfast
Tents, Sleeping bags, Table, Seating, Snorkeling gear and mobile toilets
Picnic lunch and dinner of fresh, seasonal collations – reef fish, sea food, chicken, roast beef, assorted salads, dessert, coconut, bread rolls and condiments + utensils

Double: USD $1300


Maldives Travel Brand
Maldives Travel Brand
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